Sunday, July 28, 2013

Decorate Your Home


Living chic
Living chic2
A living room is not a work space, unlike a kitchen or a home office or even a bathroom, yet it has more diverse demands placed upon it than any other room in the house. It is the most public of guest entertaining spaces, yet it must also have a warmth and intimacy to pacify and comfort the individual. It is the place for parties, social gatherings and entertainments of various kinds, but it is also a place for solitude and retreat. For residents steeped rich in culture and tradition, such as Bengalis, our love for festivals comes as little surprise. This Eid our home d├ęcor remedies are based on open space living rooms. Since the living room is arguably the most public room in the house and hence the one in which guests are expected to be entertained, dressing up sofas or a rearrangement of paintings, photographs and other accessories will go a long way in terms of revamping visitors’ longest point of contact.Living chic3A very personal living space has a recognizable integrity to it and as long as it has been executed with confidence, it is more than likely to put visitors at ease and engage them with its passion and its individualities. And while there is a case to be made that a neutral and deliberately soothing color palette space can be a calming environment, it’s also true that a reconfirmation of our identity and our difference can be a valuable refresher for the individual in a society.

A spacious open plan living room is a luxury many of us dream about. High ceilings, bold architecture, lots of light, and room to room- the living room as great room with other functional activities. Here we attach formal dining and small cozy group sitting.  This living area is part of an open plan space that also incorporates a dining area. The openness of the floor plan allows maximum interaction with the tree-enclosed setting of the house, visible through a long line of sliding, wood-framed glass doors.

Here we did not use any folding doors and kept the place open. As a designer I love to keep spaces open and clutter free. The flow through a home should be clear both physically and visually. You should feel that you can walk from one side of a room to another without having to tackle an obstacle course of footstools and side tables. When you walk into a room, it should also appear spacious, ordered and inviting.

Living chicWe arranged three sets of seating options. One makes use of contemporary upholstery and comfortable sofas. We used a beige sofa set in the first seating arrangement.  In the middle, a classic sofa set creates a more inviting ambiance.  In the corner, we retained another classic inlay sofa set.  We also arranged conventional two-person intimate seating corners here and there.
The open space also continues through to the dining room. The eight-seater dining table is semi classical. This table based on its center frame.
Wooden legs support the table top which is made of 12 mm tempered glass. As a backdrop we placed a Balinese wood carving painting on the wall and built two contemporary open shelves on either side of the wall. For a cherished look, we used false ceilings in the room. In one corner, we also made a focal point using a half circle wooden curved ceiling. A long round hanging light was used to enhance the ambiance of the area.

One of the most immediate ways to bring warmth and intimacy to a room is by implementing a well-designed lighting plan. Here we used indirect light in the ceiling track and also attached spotlights for greater illumination. We made a rectangular false ceiling above the dining table. Various types of lights will provide us different ambiance. Individual lamps create an intimate feeling.

Curtains, carpets and art work are all essential for final furnishing.  Add a bunch of fresh flowers or some dry flowers to the center table to infuse an element of nature in your room. Design fearlessly and with passion to imbue your living room with your own special style.